Sunday, March 16, 2014

Multi Hand Poker up and running!

It's actually been a little over a week since Multi Hand Poker was released in the Google Play Store.  It's been slow going, with virtually no budget for advertising, but I've still seen a decent amount of installations.

I've set up this page to make things a bit easier to communicate with users of Multi Hand Poker, and to keep a log of how the game development is progressing. 

I've got some great plans for the future including incorporating achievements through Google Play, adding Deuces Wild, and new game variations.  

One area I've been wanting to work on is localizations.  As of today, the game is installed on devices running English, Spanish, Italian, and Greek.  While the game is properly coded for localizations, the actual translations may take some time.  at $25.00 per language (best quote I could find), it's not something I'll be doing through the various translation services soon.  (That obviously could change if the game becomes a hit and upgrades to pro versions earn some revenue).   I believe I can manage the translations for Spanish and Italian (with a little help from Google Translate).  The only thing I'm concerned about is dealing with idiomatic language.  For example, what is a Flush called in Spanish?  Or a Jack?  While a literal translation may technically work, it may not look professional or even make sense.

If you've installed the game, please feel free to leave comments, and please rate and review the game in the Google Play Store.